One of these days, I just want my chance to run my fingers through the clouds. I know you’re thinking, “Hey dipstick! It’d be cold and damp!” But let’s use our imaginations here, folks. I mean, come on!

Those high fluffy ones would be soft and all tickly like liquid feathers. Those would hold you just right so you could sleep for hours.

The huge white ones would be gooey and sticky and moist and cool, like runny gummy worms after they’ve melted and you try and freeze them. They are perfect bases for paint, and you could inject pure emotion into them to create all new colors to paint sunsets with.

The smallish circular ones that look sort of like bubble wrap are actually solid. They’re covered with white, velvety moss all over. It’s a mixture between soft velvet fabric, and cool lotion. When your bare skin touches them, you’d get the same feeling from them that you do a hug, or aloe vera on a sunburn. They’re the stepping stones that guide you to the stars. Then there are storm clouds. Those would be a dark comforting mist. They’d feel like cool stone in a semi-liquid form. Sort of like mud. All you’d want to do is roll around in them and be covered in it. And then doze off, only to wake up and find it dried on your skin, flaking off to reveal your happier, healthier skin and self. Maybe someday…