Once upon a time,
There was a prince.
And a Princess.
He sailed in and
Swept her off her feet.
Once upon a time,
They were inseperable,
There was an understanding.
A connection,
Between them.

Once upon a time,
They were close.
A special place in each
other’s hearts which
No one else could reach
It was immovable.
Or was it?

Once upon a time,
The prince had to leave.
The Princess had to stay.
Every once in a while,
One would receive a message
From the other.
The prince found other princesses.
The Princess found other princes.
Yet each knew the prince
Would one day return.

Once upon a time,
He did.

Once upon a time,
You held a place in my heart.
You understood me, and I
I felt I could fly if you asked me.
Once upon a time,
I held you above all others.
I thought you were the one.
I thought our bond was immovable. But…
Once upon a time,
We couldn’t be together.
You wrote, I wrote.
You found others, so did I.
Once upon a time,
We were together again.
But we were strangers.
You had changed, or maybe I.
Or both of us.
And your place in my heart
Is gone.
I don’t know you,
Nor you, me.
Sometimes there are traces
Of what once was,
But they vanish quickly. And…
Once upon a time…
I didn’t mind.
It was okay.