Welcome back to the real world of seemingly endless nothing to do…Today…I resumed my summer pattern of sleeping in and reading and cooking. I continued in “1984”, and baked gingerbread cookies with my sister. *mmmmm…I love gingerbread!* I also spent the better part of an hour downloading music…cool music like the theme song to “Hey Dude” and songs from The Beets. Good quality classic music. *smile*
Tonight, I watched “Joe vs. the Volcano” for the first time since I watched it eons ago with a friend in her living room between Donkey Kong games. It really impacted me. lol. I know, it’s a silly movie, but it did. Notice the Quote O’ The Moment…I feel like I can be so ungrateful. Even in the past week, I’ve been feeling sorry for myself. I feel like I haven’t gotten what I deserve – I am so self centered. Yeah, I haven’t gotten what I deserve. I’ve been blessed with so much. Ach…ungrateful. But before I go and get all philosophical…(or something like that…)

…here it is. I promised it…so voila!!!!

My Theory on Pizza

“Normal pizza” – Crust, cheese, pepperoni.
“Naked pizza” – Plain cheese pizza.
“Skinned Pizza” – Pizza crust with no cheese but including other toppings.
“Poser Pizza” – Crust, cheese, ground beef. It wants to be normal, but it lacks the spice.
“PETA Pizza” – Vegetarian Pizza
“Trophy Pizza” – Meat lovers.
“Pizza for a Family” – Hawaiian. Every kid likes Hawaiian.
“Pizza for those who think they’re pizza connosseiurs (sp?)” – The “specialty” pizza of x pizza establishment.
“Pizza with Acne” – Pizza which includes olives.
“Pizza with Athletes Foot” – Pizza which includes mushrooms.
“Pizza that’s Shy” – Calzone.
“Hello hello Pizza” – Stuffed Crust Pizza
“Newborn Pizza” – Breadsticks.
“Pizza for those who really know good pizza” – Fetta…If you know what I mean…fifty cool points to you!