exhausted all the time…and I feel like I could just fall over and sleep for a while. Don’t really understand it. Just typing makes me look at my lovely little bed and want to go curl up and say “screw all of this mumbo jumbo”. I’ve got that blackish grayish blueish haze around the edges of my vision alllllll the time. Y’know? The kind of stuff you wanna just get some windex and scrub at it until it’s zestfully clean. Butchya can’t because it’s your eyes and you can’t put Windex in your eyes or you’ll go blind. Trust me on that one. And I didn’t think it was serious until this afternoon I was so tired I was apathetic to the fact that Buffy was on…I *gasp* didn’t watch it! OH THE HORROR. I’m still apathetic towards it. *ironic chuckle*

Meh. What else is happening in my so enthusiastically exciting existence…(alliteration!!!) I learned two things about church today. Well, more specifically, driving to church. 1. If you do not go to Sunday School you will invariably get caught behind all the Catholics on their way to mass who feel they must go five-ten miles under the speed limit as penance for speeding all week. 2. This in turn causes you to speed and you will invariably pass someone such as a pastor, deacon, church gossip or your former Sunday School teacher while driving at least 15 over the speed limit. Expect random cases of having to cut them off in order to turn on time as well. There you have it. Two beautiful little gleanings of wisdom from the mind of me…you should go to Sunday School. Not that I’m going to yet…because well…the college and career Sunday School class at my church is a pile of stinky walrus…*ahem* I mean I don’t like it.

Anyway, based on the previous paragraph concerning my health…I’m going to quit writing…cuz the fog is reaching the monitor and pretty soon I might be typing blind. So have a good one…and maybe if my vision doesn’t go…you’ll see a later installment. hasta