You know those times when you just hit rock bottom? Yeah, me neither. I’m sure there’s a lot lower that I could go.

I feel stuck. And I’m about to break (hears strains of Linkin Park). Today and yesterday have been the most retarded days of the entire summer. Yesterday, my youngest sister and I spent four hours cleaning out the fridge and freezer, plus some of the cabinets. I cleaned the bathroom and did a couple of loads of towels. My father came home and made it clear that it was unacceptable that I was still “sitting around in the house” instead of looking for a job. My mother didn’t even notice that we had completely cleaned out the fridge (which included removing several bags of moldy salad and tortillas, as well as scrubbing dried meat drippings from the bottom of the meat drawer with SoftScrub in order to get them off), and was also upset that I hadn’t called the temp agency yet. So last night, in an act of desperation, I filled out some online application that I discovered. It said make a minimum of $11.75 an hour!!! so I figured it was worth a shot. Then I got a call asking me to come to an interview. I think “hey! mom and dad will be pleased with me! i’m job hunting!”. Ahhhh, silly Sarah…to think that you could do right.

Today. I go to this interview. It’s four hours long. I’m sitting there…not really wanting the job (turns out it’s selling cookware to people), but thinking at least my parents will be happy with me if I get it. Plus, I’ll get lots of money. And money is a necessity at this point. I come home to a very upset mother. I committed the mortal sin of not taking my cell phone with me when I left the house. And when I told her I got a job, she was upset that I didn’t go to the temp agency instead of just going and actually finding a job. With the training for this job, I have to miss the VBS I signed up to do with my church. Which means I don’t get the college credit I need. So it’s a Catch 22. I also got in trouble for not cleaning up around the house today. I need to get out of here. I’ll repeat it. I need to get out of here. I cannot take living with three teenagers and two adults suffering from mid life crises. I know that they have problems too…but I can only handle MY problems right now. Not everyone else’s problems with me.