Well, I’m making fresh raspberry ice cream. I feel so cool. And I’m excited to eat it. We have a bunch of raspberry bushes on our property, and today my youngest sister and I spent about 1/2 an hour picking them. So tonight, I’m making raspberry ice cream. I kind of improvised on the recipe cuz we didn’t have some of the ingredients, so hopefully it turns out okay.

Today saw the end of VBS. I’m kind of glad, but kinda sad. I’m glad because I’m exhausted. And I’m tired of being up front…I used to dig that kinda stuff, but lately it’s just not so cool. I don’t like it. “No sir I don’t like it.” (Toastman?) Anyway. Our kids ended up raising $466.27 in five days to send to the Philippines to start an AWANA program. They were amazing. It took us five hours to roll all of the change. Amazing. Another amazing thing was that we tore down the entire operation in under an hour. That means taking inventory, taking down decorations, packing them in an orderly fashion for next week, and cleaning our rooms. Well, for me…it meant making a list of the food we had, food we need, washing LOTS of dishes and helping out wherever I was needed. Which meant rolling pennies. Also, this morning we had some church members bring in Spudnuts! Yayyyy! I love Spudnuts! If you haven’t had Spudnuts…well, let’s just say that Spudnuts were a special gift from God. Mmmm yummy.

Tomorrow, I’m off to Salem and then on Sunday, off to Medford. I’m not really sure if I’ll have time/energy/access to internet adequate to blog. So this might be it until the 29th. I’ll be down watching the Shman and the D become the Patricks. And probably helping some, too. Plus, tomorrow I GET TO PICK UP THE NEWEST HARRY POTTER BOOK! Yippeeeeee!!!! I’m way excited! Plus I get to see a lot of my friends. That’s a plus, too. *yaaawn* Man I’m tired. I think my ice cream is almost done, so I’m gonna wrap this up and get out to the kitchen where the spoons are. *smile* Catch you later.