Today was not only uneventful, it was uninspiring. Or maybe I just wasted all of my creativity on a letter to That One Guy. Figures.

How about this…


I pressed my hand up against the glass. It made a bloody print.

You’d think it was soundproof, the way I slammed it there…
you never even noticed from the other side of the aquarium.
Too busy juggling with fiery bowling pins and pulling bunnies from hats.
In your own special way.

-The nice guy- I’m just one more smiling (desperate) face.
One more who likes the stars. One more who laughs.
One more who will listen. One more of a million.

so i could be someone. i could be important.
but this glass…it’s hard to breach.

Ghost of the Robot plays silently behind me.
I never realized I was bleeding until now.