Can I just say that Hawaiian music rocks? Good. Hawaiian music rocks. I want to learn to make Hawaiian music. Or is it PC to say “Polynesian influenced”? Well, whatever.

I have a terrible aching feeling of wanting to be in Cannon Beach. I miss Nitch, and Bishop, and Nells, Jeff, Mandy, Joshie, Kenny, and Matty. I need someone to talk to like they talk to me. I need someone to hug me like they do….

I went to praise team practice tonight. For the first time since my freshman year of college. It’s good to know that some things don’t change. Half the team was late, and we started 15 minutes late, and we didn’t really have just one person in charge – it was more of a committee – and we ended up not doing much practicing at all. I felt right at home, and played my role of the silent keyboard player very well. I was silent…not the keyboard, just to clarify.

There’s a man at church who is one of my huge role models. I’m sure he has no clue about that, but that just makes him cooler. His name is Robby*…and he’s..I dunno 32? Maybe? I have no idea. Anyway. The way God has worked in his life blows me away. When we first met, he and I were both members of First Act – the church drama group. He worked for Coke (or was it Pepsi…) and he wasn’t all that involved in First Family. He and I used to get chastised all the time for goofing off when we should have been practicing scenes or memorizing lines. Robby and I were the smart off troublemakers of the group. Being the youngest, everyone kind of took me on as their own kid, but I felt comfortable with Robby right away.

He started teaching in my high school Sunday School class. I think that he and my youth pastor were accountability partners…or something. He had such a thirst for theological knowledge and a passion for teaching. It frustrated me when our group wouldn’t pay attention and he would get frustrated himself. I remember him telling me a story about when he first met his wife at some college called Western Baptist. He managed to trip over the retaining wall outside of Aagard and completely humiliate himself. For some reason I could relate.

During my freshman year, he was taking weekend classes and we would hang out in his “spare time”. I’m sure we must have turned the gossip wheel a few times as we sat out in front of Aagard in his car just talking. I went home for Christmas and was pleasantly surprised to find him in a lead singing role for our annual Living Christmas Tree. And that was only the beginning.

Robby now is a part time employee at the church. He’s head of the drama troupe, he oversees the youth dramatic group, he’s part of the worship leader rotation (we don’t currently have a worship/arts pastor), and is a key player in the formation of Sunday morning worship. He has two children who are absolutely adorable. His wife is one of the sweetest Christian women I know. God is doing amazing things in his life. And tonight, he announced that he was accepted to seminary.

I’d never really thought of Robby as an adult…in fact, he was one of the first true adults that I considered my peer. Even tonight, we were both talking about the uncertainties that the future held for us – school, finances, travel. It was exciting. I respect this man of God…he’s such a blessing…