The campus I live on is spectacularly beautiful. As much as I don’t particularly enjoy living in Oregon, it sure is pretty here in Salem. I walked out of my apartment tonight on my way to a meeting, and it was breath taking. Even though I live right next to (and I mean RIGHT next to) a highway. The sky was a soft frenzy of blues…not just blues…that’s not an adequate description. A haze of navys, periwinkles, lavenders, indigos, greys, and streaks of silver clouds. The bark dust wafting the smell of sweet wood and the soft breeze carrying distant smacks of a bat from the nearby baseball field. I felt like I could just stop and close my eyes and let everything go. Even now, if I turn to look out my window, I see the pearl moon peeking from its effervescent cloud covers…like a ghost planet waiting for me with a knowing smile.
Sometimes God’s creation is just so beautiful to me that it breaks my heart to think that someday I’m going to have to leave it. I know that heaven will be infinitely more amazing than I could ever conceive of, but my concrete human mind can only grasp so much of an idea of beauty. I want to scoop up a bit of dark rich soil so that it gets under my fingernails, catch a few drops of cool Fall rain on my tongue, inhale a draught of Winter snow snap air, snatch a Summer lightning bolt…and place all of them in a pocket of my soul to take with me when I go. I feel that eternity might be just a bit uncomfortable at first…like transferring to a new school. I’ll feel awkward, and a little lost, and a little out of sync. Obviously, this shouldn’t be true…but I still get afraid sometimes. And it would be nice to take a few of my friends, especially such nice ones as Nature.