Did you know you can identify who is in the shower at my apartment just based on what you hear? If you don’t hear anything but running water and scrubbing sounds…that’s probably me. I’m a thinker. I think in the shower. I compose blogs and essays and poems in the shower. I do literary and relational analysis in the shower while I shampoo and shave.
But…I live with two vocal performance majors. Sometimes, you’ll hear arias and other stuff like that (I’m definitely NOT a music major). It’ll be all high and pretty and echoey in there. That’s Dookie. She likes singing stuff like that.
If you hear Gershwin or Rebecca St. James, or Alanis Morissette, or Sarah McLaughlin…that’s Maude. She sings things that I know. And then you know it’s her. So…basic guide and random fact of the morning…
If you hear:
-nothing @ all – it’s me.
-stuff with words you can’t understand- it’s Dookie.
-stuff with words you can understand and may recognize-Maude