I love life. I love how it bombards you at the craziest moments. I love how it’s the most fun when you stop caring so much about it and just do it. I love being alive. I love being able to inhale deep or sniff quickly…whatever I want. And I love being able to skip and shake my head when my hair is curly and have it fly everywhere, and I love being able to hum.
Tonight I went to the Oktoberfest. Granted, about 3/4 of the fun of Oktoberfest comes from drinking lots of beer and wine and getting drunk. But I don’t do that. SO instead, I just bought myself a tiara and danced the chicken dance and listened to polka music and ate elephant ears with my beautiful and wonderful room mate.
Now when I say “tiara”, I mean a ring of wire with shiny green stars on it that look cool against my auburn hair and a cascade of ribbons down the back that was just a little too small to fit on my head. And my roomie and I danced around like princesses in our tiaras.
Now when I say “danced the chicken dance” I mean danced like a moron on crack cocaine. I did the normal “a little bit o beak and a little bit o wing and a little bit of tail clap clap clap clap” stuff. But then…I did my own thing. Shook my butt like a white girl and jumped up and down and moshed and spun around and stomped my feet and shook my finger. I acted like a four year old and it was fun dangit.
Now when I say “listen to polka music”, I mean a live polka band with dudes holding tubas and wearing liederhoesen. I mean men with feathers in their hats and strapped with suspenders. I mean women with the full $350 outfits with the dresses and the stockings and the shoes and the ribbons.
And when I say “ate elephant ears”…I mean elephant ears. Dang, do I love elephant ears. With strawberry sauce and cream cheese drizzled over the top. Fat on a platter and I love it. Yep…the bestest parts of life are when you just act like a dork cuz it’s fun and you just dance your heart out and eat like the calories don’t matter. And laugh really loud. Cuz it’s fun. And if you love life, you should love fun, and fun = laughing a lot however the heck you want. Even if it’s obnoxious.