So tonight, I had a blast. I feel guilty saying that because I know a lot of my friends had a crappy time at choir retreat. Actually, I’m glad I had a good time…but I feel bad because I know they had a bad time…I’m going to stop trying to explain myself now.
Anyway. Moonstruck Chocolates is the bomb. Fo shizzle. But tonight? As fun as tonight was…it hated me. Tonight did it’s best to make itself suck for Rogue. Yet I? I was triumphant over it. Eat that bad circumstances.
My beautiful and wonderful friend, Poopie, helped me with my hair. I am not good at being a girl. I’m good at being a female, but not a girl. I can’t do my own make up except for the same old same old stuff, and don’t even try and get me to do my own hair unless it’s in a ponytail. So basically, I’m helpless to get prettyfied on my own.
Anyway. We ate dinner at a vietnamese restaurant called Pho Vans. A friend recommended it to us…and it was nifty. Only, Jeff is all “be adventurous!” So we all ordered things that we had never tried before. He ordered a chicken/bean sprout/cilantro/vermicelli salad. Kimbo ordered some curry potato chicken. I ordered duck soup. Get it? Like the Marx brothers’ movie? Nevermind. I knew I was in trouble as soon as I saw the bowl coming at me. It was stinky. It was scary looking. There was half a duck in it. And there was a layer of oil on the surface. But I said, “I’m going to be adventurous!” and I started eating. It was gross. I felt like I was eating pond scum. But I figured – I ordered it, it was probably an acquired taste, and darnit, I was going to finish it. I made it through for five minutes before I felt like I was going to upchuck the duck. Our waiter was really nice, I felt bad for not liking my meal…especially after he complimented all three of us on how we chose things that were tasty, but rarely selected by first timers. He came back and asked how it was, and I smiled at him. And Kimbo says, “she doesn’t like it”. He asked me what was wrong. “It made my stomach hurt”. “What made it hurt?” I wanted to say “IT TASTES LIKE POO!” but no…Kimbo says…”The duck sucks.” We all bust up laughing. The waiter brings me a salad…and the rest of the night is just chock full of duck jokes.
Moonstruck Chocolates is about twenty feet from Pho Vans. There’s a jazz group playing outside, with small cafe tables set with votive candles. Inside, there are people bustling about looking at truffles shaped like dogs, cats, pigs, ice cream cones, leaves, cakes, buildings. There’s an espresso section which is whipping up concoctions that fill the entire room with the lovely scintillating aroma of chocolate and coffee. And the best part is…they’re offering freebies. Free truffles. Free chocolates. Free cookies. Free hot chocolate. Free mochas and orange mochas and mexican mochas and mint mochas. Free chocolate milkshakes with sprinkles. Every drink comes with a chocolate. It was amazing. It was like heaven. Leather seats on the inside, with lovely white lights, tiled floor, votive candles. I ate so much. I drank so much. I tasted Irish creme truffles…banana truffles…dark chocolate gold truffles…cinnamon truffles…whiskey and champagne truffles…toffee truffles…*sigh* I won’t be craving chocolate for a week. Two weeks. A month.
Jeff. Kimbo. Crys. You guys rock. Spanks a jillion for the chocolate and good clean fun. Go Ducks.