When I was younger, my family would go to the Puyallup Fair every single year. This was before my two younger sisters were added to the family. Or at least, before Kiki was old enough for me to have many memories of her.
We would stay with a family who was friends with my parents, who went to the same church – ish establishment as us. I don’t remember their last name, but they had a son named Lucas who I fought with incessantly. He had dark hair and was a little pudgy. I teased him about that. To this day, when I hear stories about little boys being scared of the dark, for some reason I think of that kid. Poor guy.
Lucas was taller than I was. So when it came to the rides at the fair, he would always be tall enough and I would not. I think that was our major point of contention. There was some stupid kiddie roller coaster that I wanted to go on one year and he danced around me when we saw that he was tall enough to ride and I wasn’t. I hit him in the face. The next day, his mom painted all our faces to hide the bruises that showed from the fight that had ensued. That’s what he gets for teasing me about the Macho Mouse. Jerk.
He had an older brother, and I don’t exactly remember his name either…all these details are a bit fuzzy.
Their house was beautiful. It was two stories, with a large deck in the back that I wasn’t allowed to walk off of unless there were adults outside. They had an ironing board in their kitchen. And a very large sink. And I loved to play with a “workbench” that was set up in their family room.
They had a flower bush in their front yard which hung over the fence to the sidewalk like a roof. I would sneak out front and sit on the cool pavement out of the sun underneath the bush’s branches. i would pick up the ants and let them run up and down my arms. It was there that I first had the smallest concept of who God was. Of the fact that I was small and He was a lot bigger. Of course, I was probably less than seven years old, so it was a momentary epiphany. Then my mother came and grabbed my hand and we walked to church. And the entire thought of who God was…was gone.