There isn’t really much I can say right now. I find it kind of funny and I find it kind of sad – apparently I had a mental breakdown and ran away to home…at least that’s the general idea of what happened coming from the WB grapevine. (Which everyone knows is always so entirely accurate – we’re Bible believing Baptists, what we say is canon).
I don’t know what to say to this. I feel pretty betrayed that people would think this of me. I feel as though this year has seen me changed from one who is unable to express emotions to the loose cannon firing off the unwanted opinion and out of line comments. I feel as though I’m back in high school…with the confusion and gossip and lack of being given the benefit of the doubt. Only…right now (as opposed to high school) I feel no need to lash out at people. Maybe it’s because after experiencing graduation from high school…I’ve learned that you can leave people behind and be just fine. I can do that with 100% of the people from WB if I wanted. This is not a statement of desire, just of fact. A comforting fact for me. There’s always a chance to start over.
For those of you that don’t understand, think of this:
You’re always asking me to consider my heart, my physical well being and saying that whatever I need to do to take care of myself is necessary and good. But what about my mental well being, and my emotional well being? There have been statements made saying that friends are there for support, and whatever I need I can talk to you about. I forgot that when it comes to personal pride and the getting back factor, that statement is null and void. I’m sorry for that. I’m sorry for what I did to bring us to this.
For those of you with enough balls to talk to me, instead of talk about me…thank you. You mean more to me than you will ever know.