Things I’ve re-discovered I love since I’ve come home…
1. Baseball. Holy monkies do I love baseball It is the greatest American sport ever. Better than football, or lacrosse, or basketball. The only thing that could possibly compare to baseball is rugby.
2. My backyard carpeted with gold leaves all crunchy. And jumping in them.
3. The TV show, “Recess”, and that little gem of a show known as “Even Stevens”.
4. Chicken nuggets
5. Free laundry in my own living space.
6. My parents’ bathroom
7. A piano at my disposal.
8. No firewall.
9. My little sister – only Kiki would turn the dryer on for five minutes, then open the door and stick her butt in because she’s cold.
10. Watching Rob Thomas play the piano…*sigh*
More later…