I’m finding that I’m using the word “poo” a lot more. As in “holy poo!”, or “what a bunch of poo-ness!”. I’m not sure where it came from. But I like the word “poo” – not to encroach on homiebear’s territory, but it’s just become a fetish lately.
I went square hopping last night. (Hopping=dancing, but we’re not allowed to say “dancing” at our Baptist institution for fear of losing alumni willing to donate lots of money…an entirely different beef I have). Two of our fantastic fellowships put on their annual barn party, and man was I impressed. I haven’t attended since freshman year (mainly cuz that year it was a floperooni). But we had a live caller for square hopping and a pie eating contest, and a pumpkin carving contest, it was just coolness. I haven’t square hopped since 8th grade, and I forgot how much fun it is. I was very surprised at how quickly all the moves came back to me after eight years (*gasp* EIGHT YEARS SINCE I’VE BEEN IN MIDDLE SCHOOL…*hyperventilates*). I talked to an old friend for a while today, who went through our quarter of square dancing every year in middle school with me. Oh man, good memories and good clean fun. I was such a nerd in middle school. I’m still a nerd, but we’re talkin the epitome of nerdiness from 6th-8th grade.
Anyway…I was a “guy” most of the time, since the guy to girl ratio at our school is pathetic. But I got to dance with my roomie, and my friend Kim, who are both very hot (and very good dancers). I wore my friend Poopie’s overalls, and put my hair in pigtails and stole a cowboy hat from a freshman Saint, and I just had a stinking good time. I just love my room mate, can I say that? She is just one big stinking pile of pooey fun. (Pooey being good in this sense). It was just good to get off campus and have some fun with a big group of people who were just as lost as I was concerning what was going on. Plus, I got to see Raven in a lovely pair of Wrangler jeans that just made every female in the place flustered. *wink*