I’ve been wondering why I haven’t been able to blog lately. Newest theory? Bad timing.
Most times, I blog at night. My blogs during the day are very far and few between. I write around 11, 12, maybe even 1 in the morning. And lately, I’ve been pretty preoccupied during those times. I’m not saying this is a bad thing, just bad for blog production. Also, I need to have had alone time during the day. I don’t get this much at school. I’m always in the ASB office or working on homework, or IM’ing with someone, or in class or eating or sleeping or doing something that keeps me from having thinking/philosophizing time alone. To be completely honest, I used to get blog ideas while I was driving home from somewhere, such as work or the store or church. And I’d have time to work through them on my way home. Now, I don’t have time to take naps, much less think about a blog and then write it down. This is a situation that can’t be manufactured at will. I can’t just say “hey, I’ll finish this blog about blogging right now and go driving”. Nope. Won’t work. Don’t ask me why. I think I just have to get out and experience a little bit of life and the real world on my own so that I actually have something to process.
I also am the type of person who has to have time to myself alone everyday. The shower doesn’t count. As I’ve said before in many different mediums, this is one of the few things I learned from the psychiatrist that I went to see for a while many many years ago. I need alone time to file everything away in my very concrete mind. (Ever wonder how I remember almost everything? It’s my concrete mind. I have a filing cabinet system in there…) Anyway. Oddly enough, I don’t make a point to have alone time everyday, unless you count my devotions, but that doesn’t count, cuz I’m not processing things, I’m studying God’s Word. Well – okay, I AM processing things, but not in the way we’re talking about here.
I feel like I should be apologizing for my lack of blogs lately. I used to be able to blog everyday. And that was awesome. I wish I could still do that. But I don’t want this to be a “hi, my day went like this and oh my gosh this happened” blog. If it was, I could write everyday and bore you all to infinity and back with my boring life. And I refuse to do that…at least that way. I’m sure through some of these blogs you’ve been bored pretty close to infinity and back. Anyway. This is probably one of them. So yeah. I’m gonna take a nap and hopefully…process.