It’s snowing. I can’t describe to you how happy this makes me. And it’s not even that I’m happy. Anytime it snows, I cease to be angry, or stressed, or upset…or anything. Except peaceful and content and satisfied.
This morning, I woke up to rain. I was upset. I thought about how much I wanted it to snow all the way to church, all through church, and even when we left. It was sleet by the time the service was over. And I started praying. For snow. With all of my heart I wanted it to snow. And I felt silly because I wanted something so simple…and so temporary. Since…it’s supposed to be fifty degrees this week, that’d make it very hard for the snow which I was praying for to stick around. (Get it? “Stick” around?)
But God likes me. He’s liked on me a lot lately…and sometimes I find myself thinking that if any more amazing things, no matter how small, happen to me or are given to me…I’ll just bust. But guess what. It’s snowing.