So…I feel when I talk about the things I’m thankful for, I’m being trite and typical. Yes, everyone knows to be thankful for their food and their friends. Everyone is thankful for their mom and dad and sister and brother. And we should be thankful for Jesus. We’re thankful that we’re healthy, and we’re thankful we have money…yeah yeah yeah. Well. I’m going to be brutally honest…(because I’ve been doing that a lot lately). It’s been a while since I’ve spoken my mind about angry things. And the blog doesn’t count as angry things. I’m talking about speaking to people, out loud, while tapping from the barrel of my wrath. And I just realized I don’t know why I’m referring to this blog as “angry” because…I’m not angry. Directly. I’m just being brutally honest…which usually happens only when I’m angry. Yeah. Focus.

Rogue’s True Thankful List
I’m thankful for my boyfriend. He’s the most amazing person in my life right now. And I miss him.
I’m thankful for my fleece pants. They’re keeping me warm in this house with a broken heater.
I’m thankful for flushing toilets…because outhouses smell bad.
I’m thankful for my own apartment. Not that I don’t enjoy living with my family…but…I don’t enjoy living with my family.
I’m thankful I’m a good liar. It gets me out of doing a lot of things I don’t want to do…and gets me out of sticky situations.
I’m thankful I have dark hair.
I’m thankful for the blankets on my bed: my quilt, my white blanket, and my sheets.
I’m thankful for my pillow too…it’s soft and smells like my house.
I’m thankful for scarves.
I’m thankful most of the people I’m around don’t smell like pot. The girl we drove home from Tacoma today smelled like weed so bad – it sucked.
I’m thankful I’m bigger than my sisters still…and can still beat them up when they’re annoying. I’m thankful that they’re still intimidated enough by me to not run to Mum when I pull their hair or hit them.
I’m thankful for blogger, and though I know I’m not completely anonymous…I’m still thankful for that false sense of anonyminity. (Is that even a word???)
I’m thankful that – while I’m still a part of the drama – there are people around me who are more pathetically sucked into the drama than I am. It makes me feel better about myself.
I’m thankful I’m on Student Government. *gasp*
I’m thankful that every snowflake and every piece of popcorn is different.
I’m thankful I don’t know what’s going to happen to me in the next few years…cuz it would probably scare the crap out of me.
I’m thankful for the time my friend Tany and I tried to wash our faces with lemon juice. Now whenever I smell lemons, I remember her. And a lot of burning facial pain…but mostly her.
I’m thankful vampires aren’t real.
I’m thankful for homestarrunner. Okay, so not Homestar, but I’m thankful for Strong Bad.
I’m thankful WBS isn’t home for Thanksgiving.
I’m thankful I’m a Christian or else I’d probably be knocked up and in jail. Or both.
I’m thankful for that warm cocoon your bed becomes in the minutes after you first wake up on a cold morning.
I’m thankful for Nyquil.

Well…I think I’m done being outwardly thankful for a while. Those are all things that I’m really thankful for often. Not the traditional “yay family. yay health” crap. Not saying I’m not thankful for those things…but duh…everyone knows I am so I’m not going to talk about it because that’d be boring. Hope you had a great Thanksgiving. Catch you lates.