Twas the night before Christmas
In Rogue’s household,
when the utter insanity
began to unfold.

Our stockings were loaded
with goodies and treats,
our guts were all stuffed
with various sweets.

For Ma had been shopping
and cooking with haste –
buying last minute gifts,
adding salt and pepper to taste.

Dad worked at the mall,
selling items retail
to all those frantic male shoppers
who show up without fail.

The floor of his shop
was all covered in mess,
ribbons and bubble wrap
thrown about as we stressed.

I bought my last gift
at a quarter to four,
grabbed my purse and my coat
and sailed out the door.

The Christmas Eve sky
lit up with a glow,
so holy and beautiful
we didn’t need snow!

After work it was off
to visit grandmother,
to open presents and eat
and tease one another.

We bundled the stew
and the crew and the cat
into three cars
and took off – just like that!

There were uncles and aunts
Grandma and cousins,
kitties and babies
and gifts by the dozen.

We gave Grandma her gifts
and chatted a while,
saw kitty poop on our cousin,
which sure cramped his style.

After stuffing ourselves
once more for good measure,
we went out into the night
to another party of leisure.

It was off to old friends’ houses
away from relatives crazy,
reminiscing bout middle school,
with those memories hazy.

Finally trooping back home
through the clear starlight night,
to blog just a bit
and then snuggle up tight.

In my warm little bed
to sleep til daybreak,
where awaiting my taste buds
will be warm coffee cake.

Bacon and eggs,
sausage and ham,
fresh squeezed orange juice
and pancakes with jam.

Laughter and pictures,
presents galore,
with my type of family,
who knows what’s in store…