Dear lovely blog readers,
Today I must return my tower to that place of infamy known as the school computer lab. Today, its hard drive will be wiped clean in order for a new operating system to be installed. Today, I lose my capability to use Little Diablo to write papers, listen to music, and possibly even chat online. Well, at least until I go home and get all my program backup discs which might be this weekend. So it could just be a few days, but I feel the need to be dramatic about it because I’ve just gotten into the groove of blogging regularly again and it bums me out that it’s going to be interrupted. (The groove, the groove bewaaaare the groooooove…) Just when I had a few posts going.
Now obviously, I can blog elsewhere. I could blog in the lab. I could blog in the office. I could blog at the public library. I could blog on a box with a fox with chicken pox. But I find that it’s a lot harder for me to write unless I’m at my own desk. Which sucks, but is reality. Funny how people like to go into denial about pretty obvious things. But I digress.
Hopefully, I’ll be able to finish a few of the posts in progress while my computer is recovering from this drawn out ordeal. Posts in progress require slightly less creativity than new posts. This means there may be some new Beatles’ Theology going up in the next few days. And who knows, maybe the crazy kooks in the lab will give me my computer back good as new with nothing changed except my operating system. And maybe Bush will be the next president of Communist China. God does work in mysterious ways.
So until then…(when my lovely Little Diablo is back to feeling his old high powered yet cranky self) have a simply splendid time!