It’s come one more time…the day I dread almost more than Finals week, Christmas, and the dentist. My birthday. Today, I’m 22, which isn’t that exciting of an age. From here on out, people say that birthdays just get more and more depressing because all of a sudden you realize that getting older happens much faster than you ever anticipated. I’m alright with being 22. The thought of being 23 doesn’t bother me either. In fact, 40 (although it looks ancient to me, no offense) looks pretty stinking good, considering.
But back to topic. My birthday, April 18, has a regular habit of being one of the worst days of the season if not the year. This year is no exception. I woke up this morning to my cell phone ringing, my mom in tears. Last night, our cat got eaten by coyotes…in the back yard. We’re talking remains on our porch this morning for my mom to find. She also informed me my sister will probably not graduate next year because of all the classes she’s failing and my brother announced he’s getting engaged. At 18, with $1500 in debt. This was a good conversation, considering my father forgot it was my birthday. The highlights of birthday suckage include my entire family forgetting on my 20th, a speeding ticket on my 19th birthday, food poisoning on my 16th birthday, a trip to the emergency room on my 14th. Super special. I think it’s kind of funny sometimes…just sometimes though. I also find it kind of pathetic that I get so stressed out before my birthday because I never know what’s going to happen. I’m sure on my 40th birthday I’m going to kick the bucket or something. (I say this half-joking for all of you people out there gasping in shock).
Other people’s birthdays I love celebrating. I like giving gifts a heck of a lot more than I like receiving them. In fact, I’d put getting gifts right up there with dental work on my pleasure scale. I feel awkward. I don’t like the attention. And I never know if I’m being grateful enough.
I don’t mean to sound ungrateful for all of the things that people have done for me on my big day. I mean, two of my friends bought concert tickets for me one year, another friend has been absolutely faithful in celebrating my birthday exactly how I want to celebrate no matter how wierd (pooooooopie), and my 18th birthday, my family and friends respected my wishes that I spend almost the entire day alone. Well, at the end of the night I got spankings from our entire church basketball team of huge beefy guys, but I’ll admit that wasn’t exactly a negative thing. *wink wink*
Anyway, bring it on. I’m off to work on my senior paper. Happy Birthday to Me.