I am about to turn off my computer for the final time before leaving the institution I’ve spent the last four years attending. I’m kinda sad…but not really. And not really scared, but kinda. And just ready to get the poo out of here. But anyway…the point. (always takes me a while to get there, I know)
I do not have internet access at home. We have a subscription to an internet service but our home system can’t handle it. So *crosses fingers* hopefully my tower will work. And even if it does…I will be fighting five other people to use it. Three of those teenagers. I will keep writing and will post whenever possible, but you may have noticed I’ve taken one of my other sites down due to its superfluous nature. I’m working on another site but who knows if it will ever be published…who knows anything right now.

It’s been real folks…hope to see you in the near future.

Peace out. (haha, I’m so white…)