I like sunglasses a lot. Coming from the desert they’re practically an essential. But I didn’t own a pair I would call “borderline stylish” until I was 17 years old, and even then it was a purchase on a whim. They cost me under $10 and I still have them almost 7 years later. My room mate can vouch for the fact that I can never keep track of them. At least every few days I can’t find them and have to search high and low to find they’ve either been on my head or placed somewhere like the edge of the bathtub.One of the more obvious positive aspects to my sunglasses is that they protect my eyes from the sun while I’m driving around and from school and home and various other locations. This is much appreciated since it keeps the pain factor down. It also helps keep me awake on long drives since when I have to squint for long periods of time I tend to get tired.

I also love the way my sunglasses make me feel. I feel stylish with them on, and believe me – I don’t feel stylish most of the time. I always feel better about myself when it’s sunny outside. I’m not exactly sure why that is, but it is. It makes me feel a little more secure to wear sunglasses. They aren’t dark enough to hide behind, but dark enough to give a bit of mystery.

The thing I love the most about my sunglasses is the way they make the world look. Everything is a bit richer…I’ll be driving along the hills by the college or through the Gorge and I’ll think, “Man, I should take a picture of this, it’s gorgeous!” Then I take my sunglasses off and everything becomes flatter and I get disappointed. With those lenses in front of my eyes, the greens are a lot deeper and the sky is brilliant blue. I don’t know the scientific basis for why that happens but I appreciate it a lot.

People talk about looking at the world through rose colored glasses – being optimistic. I’m not very optimistic about too many things. I do not wear rose colored glasses…I wear poop colored ones. But to be honest, having a brown outlook on life isn’t too bad. I’d venture to say that it’s better than wearing pink. (Even though I’ve heard pink and green are the new “in” colors.) Some people might look down on us poo-wearers for our attitude. I don’t like being called a pessimist – I prefer “realist” of sorts. And as for style, who ever wants to be around an eternally peppy person? They just wear you out. When you see problems around you, you can be blind to the true beauty of the world – but things can look a lot deeper. The fun times have a bit more meaning, and the hard times don’t seem so surprising. You appreciate everything just a little bit more. How much fun is a flat, eventless world anyway?