I would post real posts if I could, honestly. There is just nothing right now. Nothing exciting going on, nothing bouncing around in my head worth telling anyone and nothing even in the Imagination “station” (for you Odyssey fans out there) of my mind. Any attempt at bloggage has failed other than those blogs I never post because I’m afraid I’d disgust all readers away with posts that resemble a 13 year old whining about her pathetic life. Anyway…the short version of that:
-still no job. Applying at Bechtel, Starbucks, and have a temp job lined up as a typist but have no idea when it will start.
-continue to begin drinking alcoholic beverages around 11am. Nothing to do, nowhere to go, no harm in drinking.
-still annoyed by kittens who provoke allergic reactions.
-still frustrated
-still fat and angry with mother who continues to shower me with ice cream and cookies to “console” me
-still sleeping on the couch instead of a bed.

I think that’s enough self-pity for a while.