My sister asks me why I’m so mopey. I think I’m just bored. But in an attempt to 1) amuse myself and 2) try to be more optimistic, I’ve decided to list the GOOD things about living back at home.

1. Free rent.
2. Free laundry.
3. Getting to do laundry EVERYDAY! (seriously, I love doing laundry…I’m weird that way)
4. No drama. Well, very little drama.
5. Sleeping in.
6. Well water. Our well water probably comes directly from the River of Life flowing from God’s throne. (was that blasphemous? :-/)
7. Someone else who loves Something Corporate just as much as I do. Yay for “Walking By!” Check out the lyrics *winks*
8. Two ply toilet paper.
9. Ample time to think and blog.
10. Getting to watch Stargate SG-1 and Buffy for hours each day.
11. Learning to deal with guilt trips about not having a job or being grateful enough for graduation presents.
12. Moose the puppy!
13. Free pizza from my brother whenever I want.
14. A piano at my disposal.
15. Seventy degrees everyday!