And now, in honor of KTOAB…my news.

– Recent findings show that many couples who visit the local mall are indeed skinny guys with obese girlfriends.

– I’ve found I really don’t like strawberries. Yes, this comes as a surprise. I believe I just find them pretty.

– A new list is growing on the Rogue brain. Movies she intends to buy. So far it includes: Stargate the movie, A Life Less Ordinary, and You’ve Got Mail.

– As predicted, Rogue’s brother has resumed his illegal activities of downloading movies from the internet and fixing Xboxes to perform illegal functions.

– Children should not be allowed in my father’s gallery. Neither should middle aged men who think a disposable camera makes them an artist by default.

– I want a new car. And a job. But not in that order.

– Yes, Zelda is addicting to anyone who plays it. Studies confirm it.