I have a problem. It’s an addiction. I fight it and sometimes I win. Many times I don’t…and unfortunately, less than half the times I lose do I feel regret. Why? Because I can always find justification for fulfilling this craving of mine…

AE Boots

Puma Sneakers

*passes out*
Manolo Blahnik!

Yep. I have a problem with shoes. *hangs head*
This is a problem that many women suffer from and you could attribute it to a general love of clothes. But I am one who doesn’t particularly enjoy shopping for another pair of khakis, a shirt, one more cute little skirt to show off my legs. I love shoes. I could eat shoes. Dookie laughs at me everytime I say that but the expression just fits me. When I’m depressed, I go shoe shopping. I look at shoes while I chat online. I own more shoes than I will ever have a need to wear. I own several pairs of tennis shoes – two pairs of the so called “necessary white tennies” which I never wear. I own three pairs of brown sandals, the latest (that I purchased at least) being so absolutely adorable that I couldn’t pass up the fact they were only $3. I own black boots and brown suede boots. Flip flops and other types of “thongs” are my weakest point, second to boots. My sister will consistently be looking for her various pairs of flip flops only to find them on my feet.
This is ironic because I enjoy going barefoot a little more than the normal person. There was a point this spring where I walked around completely barefoot with an emergency pair of flip flops in my messenger bag. I did this for four days to a week (which is pretty good for the rainy half of the state!) It’s also ironic considering I hate drawing attention to my feet. I’ve posted before on how loathe I am to let other people touch them. I don’t particularly enjoy painting my toenails and will leave polish on for a shameful amount of time. And seeing as I tend to walk around barefoot a good amount of time, my peds are usually a bit dirty.
Why is it that so many women love shoes? I’m not even going to hope to completely answer this question. My mother suggests it’s because women don’t have to worry about the size of their feet – once they stop growing, you don’t have to worry about them getting a size bigger when you eat too many carbs ( I mean sugars). And when you think about it, that may be true. But one of my former room mates had size 10 feet and was incredibly insecure about buying shoes. I’m not alone in my insecurity about my feet. Feet are not that beautiful if you study them closely…they’re kind of awkward shaped and funny looking. They can get things like athlete’s foot, or dry and calloused very easily which makes them look even less attractive. So I propose a different reason.

It has nothing to do with feet. It’s all with the shoes.

I’ll remind you of the cliche – “the shoes make the outfit.” It’s true. You can take a beat up pair of jeans and a ragged t-shirt and pair it with a lovely pair of stilettos and you’ve got a fashion statement which just might stir up the runway. And at the opposite end of the spectrum, you can wear a $6,000 leather mini and jacket with a silk cami, and then clod your hoppers with a pair of vintage converse…and you might get a few weird looks. But then you might not. Who knows? Shoes can change your attitude. Cross trainers make me walk faster by instinct – they’re excercise shoes. Heels will push me to add a little attitude to my walk. And I feel completely comfortable almost anywhere in flip – flops. It’s all in the shoes.