ok. so i have mere minutes before several things happen. 1. i have to go to work at the gallery…2. my mother comes up and finds me abusing a highschool computer (no personal website updating or instant messenging) and 3. the highschool tech guy comes up to this lab to find out what in the heck my mother ( a teacher ) is doing using a lab computer on a blogging site. he’s a little anal like that.


the sad news is in. our computer is officially dead *sings a dirge* my lovely brother happened to drop (yes, physically) our tower onto the tile floor, causing the hard drive to dislodge and crack the motherboard and video card. my parents are fed up with having to replace towers every year or so because of my brother’s antics and have opted to just say “forget letting you kids have a computer!” thus…no internet. for a long, long, long time. i’m hoping my mom gets fed up with us whining and breaks down and lets us get the old one fixed or a new one *crosses fingers*

so yes. moving on to other news *nervously scans highschool hallway*

i have been offered a job. nay…God has practically dropped the perfect job into my lap. scary. i haven’t accepted it yet, nor have i even discussed it with the parental units. they have no idea. i’m continuing on applying to other places like the local hospital. (and no, not just because it gives me an excuse to use my mom’s password to hack into high school computers on the premise of checking my email for messages from potential employers and the local job listings). this is because – due to the nature of this job – i do not want to screw up and accept it without being severely convinced it is what God wants. so i’m not going to fill you in on the details of what it is, where it is, or whom it is with. just know that it will be full time, long term, full benefits, ministry oriented, lots and LOTS of fun involving my own hours, severely stretching…and completely a “God is laughing at Rogue” thing.

ah! faculty alert! i have to run…