Don’t get excited. I’m not here to stay. I just managed to bargain with my mother for the brief use of her laptop in exchange for typing up several short (NOT SHORT) stories for her classes tomorrow. Anyway.

Lately, I think God has been showing me a few things. Ironically, sometimes through a sinful little program named “Dead Like Me” but I won’t go into those lessons right now. For the moment…1. I’m slightly psychic. (HOTDOG!!!) 2. Something big is coming. *pees pants in excitement* 3. God has a more twisted sense of humor than I ever thought possible.

So anyway. I’ll explain those three points.

1. Seriously. Psychic. Not like Miss Cleo psychic, not even consciously psychic. More like offhand thoughts that come true mere seconds…to hours and days later. Anyway. Hotdog.

2. Change is coming like a stealthy freight train. My brother is moving out. And he’s announced he’s planning on living with my boyfriend. Which I’m sure is news to him as he reads this…just as it was news to me when my mother told me this evening. But this means I get my own room! Painted chocolate brown even! Change is also coming in that I’ve been offered two jobs. Which I never even saw coming…let’s just put it like this…

I was sitting in the gallery last week, having already read my book and updated the month’s inventory…needless to say, it was empty. I wasn’t really thinking about anything in particular, but I was suddenly overwhelmed with a feeling of hopelessness and thought (rather vehemently, may I add) “God, I cannot do this for the rest of my life. I can’t sit behind a counter…anywhere…” So…God said, “Alright.”

Enter Sally. Sally and my’s relationship didn’t start out very well. My dad mentioned a position as the YoungLife secretary opening up because Sally was leaving her postion in order to go to Africa for a few years. Immediately, I was prejudiced simply because Sally gets to go to Africa. Next, I call Sally to go in and find out about the position. She straightforwardly tells me I probably wouldn’t get the position if I applied – since I have no experience as a secretary. No more points scored for Sally. Then she tells me I can go ahead and come in to ask her about her job. I figure, if I’m not going to get the job, I can still be a pain in the butt. So I schedule a meeting.

It was meant to take 1/2 an hour at the most. Sally is 23. She and I are exactly alike. I love Sally. Sally is one of the coolest people I have met in a long time. We both hated YoungLife in highschool, we both like being obstinate…etc etc etc. I was there almost 2 hours. And in the process, she not only recruits me to be a Wyldlife leader, but asks me to pray about taking her position as the area coordinator (which sounds like a lot – but it’s two middle schools). Not only that…but she commits to help sponsor me. Sally got me excited.

Tonight, I found out my high school principal is offering me a job as a substitute para-educator. No idea what that entails other than giving tests. I like that idea. Muahaha.

Anyway. Number 3. God has a weird sense of humor (always reiterate your final point for the audience’s benefit…) I started going to Western to work with YoungLife. It always kind of bothered me that I was going to school to get a degree to work with a group of students who generally annoyed me. I don’t like highschoolers. I didn’t even really care for them while in high school. ESPECIALLY high school boys. Yick. I always kinda dug middle schoolers because they were more likely to chug something that’s been chewed up in someone else’s mouth and then spit into a cup. Middle schoolers don’t worry so much about looking cool as they do about having fun. But they’re still getting mature enough to start looking for deep answers to tough questions. Statistics show that nowadays, kids in middle school are more open to the Gospel than kids in high school. (Score one for the middle schoolers! Woot!) People always told me I was crazy to like the little buggers more than those in high school. I just told them they weren’t gifted. So now…I have this opportunity to have the most amazing job ever. I forgot how much I loved ministry – how happy it makes me. Especially youth ministry. I think (and please don’t take offense) that working in a church’s youth ministry program somewhat soured my taste towards it for a few years. And even today, given the choice, I wouldn’t go back to serving at a church. Their focus gets blurred too easily. And politics come into play way too quickly. Church leaders posturing and the like… but yes…I’m going to call Sally tomorrow and then go fill out some paperwork. So far, we’ve planned three club sessions for my school, (MY school! Yay! The middle school I went to even!!!) And then next week, we’re going to go do some contact work. I’m nervous. I’ve always been one who is extremely (pretty much overly so) careful to not shove my faith on anyone. But hey, I suppose growth is a good thing, even if it sucketh. (Brings to mind my life’s mantra. Life is going to suck sometimes. What are you going to do? Keep going.)

Now all we have to do is find Jason a job in the better half of the state. Near me.

Until we meet again. Who knows when THAT will be. *glances at the Toshiba laptop continuing to add onto its 27 hour reformatting journey*