Okay. Story time.

Don’t ask yourself how I’m online.
Don’t ask how I’m blogging.
Just accept it.


My job situation is moving forward. Well, that’s not really exactly true. It’s picking up speed. Whether that momentum is forward moving or a last-gasp remains to be seen. I had another meeting last night, this time with almost all the leaders from the local YoungLife clubs and the area director. We basically learned a little more about what we were getting into, club leader wise, although…it’s a little different (but not much) when it comes to training for YoungLife club leaders and Wyldlife club leaders. I am the latter. I learned I basically have a trial period of 2 months, after which I can back out, or they can ask me to back out. Then…I’m committed for 2 years. Which is kind of scary. Two years is a long time to a 22 year old. By then, I’ll be (counts on fingers) 24. Eek! Not to mention, I would like to get married sometime soon, and my boyfriend does not have a job down here yet. But God always seems to provide for people who follow His lead, so I suppose I’ll just have to do that.
Anyways, back to the job. I don’t know any details (hours, benefits, salary, etc) as of now. But I’m meeting with Rich on Thursday to “talk.” I’m not exactly sure what all the “talk” ing will be about, but he knows I’m interested in the position so I’m hoping it will be about that a little bit at least, and I’m sure if it is, I will get direction in one way or another. Right now, I’m not sure which direction I want it to take. It’s kind of scary – a commitment. A commitment to ministry even – which generally isn’t known to pay much and with student loans and the like…that’s a little unnerving. But please refer to the aforementioned “God providing” statement.

The internet situation at our house has gone even further downhill. My brother has confiscated the majority of the internet “supplies” such as ethernet cables, spare modems, and the router, for his new apartment situation. I find this unfair considering he works all day and I don’t…and I’d like to have the internet to at least search for jobs. But the parents have spoken and unfortunately I’m still living under their jurisdictions. I’m working on getting a working computer, but until I get paid…that won’t happen. For now, I’m still blogging…just not posting it. And I’m not sure when I will post again. Just know a few things about this. 1. I have actually finished The Box Room. It still needs tweaking, but it’s pretty much done. Hopefully I’ll remember to bring the hard copy next time I have internet access. 2. I will try and post once a week. I don’t have access to the same computer with internet all the time, nor at any time…so we’ll see how that works. For now, I’m writing, printing it out, and saving it up. But I’m still writing. It’s just a matter of getting it into eprint.

So for now…pray for me with this Wyldlife job. I honestly don’t know where God is taking me with this…for all I know He could just be using it as a way to get my attention for something else. But we’ll see.