*shakes head*

*focuses in on blogging*

Hello my wacky friends. Yes, I’ve been busy. Busy like I haven’t been for months. It’s strange adjusting to actually having a social life/calendar to work around. To actually NOT be free to fill in hours at the gallery. *snickers* Life is getting good. I say this hesitantly because God could quickly just snap his holy fingers and start teaching me some more lessons which are a bit frustrating/painful to learn. But these past few months I’ve learned I do not like to be a static person for very long. *shudders* I need change.
Yes, it’s uncomfortable and a little scary…but life is so boooooring without it! *growls* I still have more free time than I know what to do with, but things are picking up. And I fill in that free time in very creative ways. Here are a few examples:
1. I am reading about 5 books a week. I’ve almost read the entirety of Diana Wynne Jones’ books, which are all excellent so far. I’ve also discovered Garth Nix, Gregory Maguire, and the Spiderwick series (much MUCH better than Lemony Snicket). I also am reading through the past century’s yearly award winning American short stories. It’s crazy to see how much writing has changed in a hundred years. Go figure.
2. Considering our library system is extensive but not vast, some of the books I want to read are not available to me. To solve that problem…I came up with a way to stiff a major corporation. Kind of. About once or twice a week, I head over to Barnes and Noble, buy a cup of tea (my caffeine legitimacy passport to being there) and collect several books I either a) want to read but aren’t in the public library circulation or b) I am currently number 57 on the reserve list. I read a few chapters at a time because switching books always is a good plan once an employee has walked by and seen you reading. So far, I’ve finished one of the Spiderwick series books and am a few sections into another C.S. Lewis book. Next on the list is the new Jonathan Stroud book. Heh heh.
3. I am gathering information to start up a new blog. I’m going to put the hero blog to rest…and possibly the Beatles Theology blog (at least for a while)…but this blog is about something I have been consistently interested in for almost 8 years…so we’ll see. Plus, it’s something that will not require constant updating. So when our new computer shows up…get ready.Anyway. The other things which are taking up my life are much more…outside the house ish. I am *clears throat* officially training to be on Wyldlife/Younglife staff. Hooray!!! The situation is this. I’m not going to be full time (or even close to full time) until possibly next fall at the earliest. So for now, I’m what’s considered “missions staff.” I get to hang out with middle schoolers (whom I consider the greatest bunch of people on this planet). Hanging out means, doing club, going to some spectacular sporting events *winks* and even piano tutoring starting tomorrow morning, hopefully. If you’re the prayerful kind of person, be praying for that avenue. The campus I’m assigned to is a closed campus, so we aren’t allowed on campus when the students are there for classes unless we’re volunteering, and we are not allowed to hold club on campus. Which presents certain logistical problems considering middle school students can’t drive.

Also, since I am missions staff, I have to raise my own salary. Which means recruiting donors. So if any of you want to contribute a few bucks a month to someone helping kids find Jesus…*wink wink* Considering this fact, I am still continuing to look for a part time job. Ideally, I’d like to be working somewhere on my middle school’s campus, but that doesn’t look like it will happen in a paying situation…so right now I’m searching for an early morning coffee shop position or the like. Most of my days are free, so I suppose that’s a bonus. I’m still working at the gallery but only 35-40 hours a month.

Finally (in the good news realm), I am 98% assured of getting my own room. You have no idea how much this means to me. I am the sort of person who needs their own space to escape to, even if it’s the bottom bunk of a bed. Since my brother is moving/has moved out, I have been deemed worthy of moving in. I get to paint, move all the furniture I own in (a bookshelf, desk, table and recliner) as soon as I get it cleaned out. And cleaning out doesn’t just mean a little dusting in vacuuming. It means boxing up, convincing my dear brother Cole* to come fetch his belongings, and then renting a carpet cleaner to clean the nasty carpet before I even start painting. Hooray for my own room!!! Once I’ve moved in, I will have lived in every bedroom in our house except the master.That’s about it in the life of Rogue. Hopefully, our new computer will be arriving in two or less weeks so I can snatch some internet time on that. And maybe in a month or so, that one guy’s laptop will finish reformatting (we’re on two and a half weeks and counting so far…) and I can even have my own laptop with Internet access in my room. Here’s hoping! Now…I’m off to watch some middle schoolers play volleyball…

*end transmission*