Here I am.The past few weeks have wrought many a change into my lifestyle. Changes that I never saw coming. Okay okay okay enough drama.

I’ve been craving bacon. Everytime we drive by any fast food restaurant the smell of bacon slips into my nose and my tummy rumbles. Bacon and coffee. Coffee and bacon. Yum yum yum! That one guy and I have been talking randomly about the bacon party we had last spring in apartment 5191. One of the few times in memory where I actually had a grand old time with all of my room mates ( I use that term with high sarcasm – including Maude’s* boyfriend now husband in the term “room mates”). Dookie, Maude, husband of Maude, that one guy and I spent hours – I mean literally hours, eating. We watched movies and ate pancakes, toast, eggs, drank orange juice, and feasted on 2 pounds of bacon. Between the five of us. A loaf of bread, half a dozen eggs, way too many pancakes and 2 POUNDS OF BACON! *sighs* Then we watched a movie and an hour and a half later bought ice cream and ate that too. Sometimes I miss college. But just sometimes. My waistline sure doesn’t.I now have my own room. This is the first time this has occurred since I was a senior in highschool, except for two weeks during junior year of college before my fateful cohabitation with Maude began. When our new home computer finally arrives, I hope to take some digital pictures of my new living space and post them for you to enjoy. It looks nothing like anywhere I have lived before. I find it highly ironic (and hysterically funny) my room is now more mature looking considering the past year of life had much tension and not so friendly banter concerning my taste in decor. I still don’t see a problem with Spiderman and Harry Potter on my walls next to Albert Einstein. Maybe I’m just not mature enough yet (high sarcasm). Anyway. All hail the new room of Rogue. And many thanks to That One Guy for condemning hundreds of brain cells to an untimely death while painting my closet in very smelly paint.

My career is moving on up. I’m the team leader for my former middle school. Which puts me in a position where I have no idea what to do. Probably a good thing from a God standpoint. But I’m not God (everyone cheers) so it’s scary for me. Especially because the VP at this school is a somewhat militant Latter-Day Saint. I’ve never seen such a frightening glare be shot at someone simply for attending a volleyball game. (cat hisses in VP’s direction). Our annual fundraiser banquet was this past Monday. Everytime I do anything with YL I just get all jumpy and excited. I love it. I have the coolest job ever. Our first club is this Friday (tomorrow). So if you’re the praying type…do your thing. Shazaam.

I am still working on this new website. Obviously, it’s going slow because I have no ready access to the internet. I humbly apologize for the lack of blogging. If I had it my way…well, lets just say things would be different and espresso would cost less. Fizzlesnort.