I love my job. Can I just say that? Even though right now it pays nothing in the form of monetary supplement and I am nearly broke…I still love my job. And my job can only get cooler. And there’s a man walking around the library that looks like Arnold. Arnold the Governor of California. It’s kinda intimidating. Anyway.That one guy and I have been jokingly referring to my job as a way of “fighting the man.” Which, incidentally, brings up images of Quentin Tarentino into my mind. Alias anyone? I think I’ve mentioned before the particular school I am “leading” at is not very welcome to our presence. Wearing a t-shirt can cause discrimination – which is frustrating but honestly, strikes me as somewhat hilarious. My supervisor doesn’t share in my jocularity. I’ve now fully immersed myself in the YL/WL lifestyle. I had my first club last Friday night, which was amazing. Middle school students are the coolest. People say I’m insane for wanting to do my job…and I guess I kind of have to be. But it’s a good kind of insane. Why do I like middle school students? They’re crazy. A kid kind of crazy that disappears before they hit high school. They still think learning new things is cool. They don’t allow you to be boring – which in my opinion is a good thing. And every single one of them is an individual. They haven’t gotten sucked into the whole “fitting in” dance quite yet. There is no constantly overwhelming struggle of hormones, fitting in, and being an individual all at the same time. So yes. Club was awesome. We nearly got someone to vomit. On our first club!!! I can tell it can just get so much better from here.

The biggest part of my job however, is the contact work aspect of it. I’ve gone to a few volleyball games…this is where I get the most disdain. By simply wearing my WL t-shirt last week, I managed to get the VP all in a huff. Super! Don’t get me wrong, I’m not out to piss off the administration. In fact I see ministering to them as just another perk on the job. But I see people as being upset as a sign that something is happening. People are noticing. Get my drift? So I plan to attend many more a sporting event.

Also, this morning, I volunteered in the band room for two hours and ate lunch with the 6th graders. The silence of the library now feels overwhelming. The kids in these two classes have only played their respective instruments for 8 weeks. Shazaam! Talk about overload. Not to mention, they don’t have a piano in their band class. So I have two “homework tasks” for the next few weeks. I get to learn to play the snare drums and the flute. This morning I was on the drums. The next few weeks should definitely be interesting. *stretches* My thighs hurt from pounding out rhythms for the seven drummers. Oh well, I’ll toughen up!

Our new computer should be delivered in the next two weeks. When that happens, I will be doing my best to blog daily or every other daily. I’m sure I’ll have lots of lovely stories about band and Wyldlife and club and just life in general. Until then…I’m off to purchase my first pair of drumsticks.