Remember back in public school when even the cool kids were excited about Turkey Gravy Day?
Lovely, exciting Turkey Gravy Day?
With the lines as long as opening night for the next big flick to hit the screens…
Wonderfully tasty Turkey Gravy Day…
The cardboard boats which held the only school food worth being happy over
on the one and only Turkey Gravy Day. On Turkey Gravy Day
we complained since we only received one hot buttery roll.
On Turkey Gravy Day
the teachers and staff paraded by with two.
On Turkey Gravy Day
we all seemed to fall asleep in our post-lunch classes…out of spite.

Remember the smell as you stirred it all up in your small cardboard boat?
Super de duper Turkey Gravy Day!
With its large chunks of meat (at least we hope that’s what it was)…
Fantastic and rare Turkey Gravy Day…
And those mixed breed potatos which perfectly balanced out
Amazingly great Turkey Gravy Day. On Turkey Gravy Day
you felt all at home eating “home cooking.”
On Turkey Gravy Day
it was almost like Christmas only you still had fifth hour algebra.
On Turkey Gravy Day
it was the best of public school days possible.