Chirstmas spirit seems to be a fickle thing.One of the things I appreciate about the American public starting to celebrate Christmas a month early is the fact people start slipping into this “holiday spirit.” No one can claim it isn’t here this year. People are opening doors for each other, smiling more often, letting people turn in front of them or change lanes…promise. It’s happening. One lady even let a complete stranger use her cell phone to call Ohio. From here on the west coast. So don’t tell me people don’t act nicer around the holidays. I appreciate that.I don’t really understand what it is causing people to be a little kinder this time of year. It’s like an unspoken tradition. I highly doubt in this day and age people realize “Oh, Jesus came to earth to save us all from hell and eternal suffering and to have us spend eternity with Him…” and then realize they should be nicer. I doubt this because come January 1, people are back to being buttdumps. Maybe it’s just a tradition because originally people actually appreciated the season for this reason. This is just something I ponder in between answering angry parent phone calls and writing absence excuse notes.

On the flip side of this Christmas spirit thing…I’ve noticed the general population has certain individuals within it who expect everyone else to show them Christmas spirit. Some people are being pushy about coming into your lane. Some people are waving things other than five fingers. Some people are complaining rudely because other people are “being rude.” In other words, they’re being the normal rude because other people aren’t being overly nice. *shakes head* I just don’t understand 21st century people sometimes.

But nevertheless, I’m trying to be a bit nice…not just because it’s Christmas, but because I’m sure everyone else on God’s earth is probably just as stressed out as I am and if they aren’t I shouldn’t ruin their utopia. It’s not my place.

Joyeux noel…