Everyone has one person in their life for whom it is impossible to purchase presents. That one person who never gives clues, or wants an impossibly expensive item. For me – this doesn’t apply. Not yet at least.

You have to understand my favorite part of Christmas is presents. Not getting presents – I’m not so much a fan of that. I love buying presents. If I had unlimited funds I’d buy everyone presents until I hit my limit. Only second to buying presents, I love wrapping presents.

My father is the ultimate killer of my Christmas joy when it comes to presents. He inevitably guesses what we’ve gotten him. Without fail. A few years ago, my mother randomly bought him a leaf blower and he had barely pulled the first piece of tape loose before he announced, “oh great! I’ve always wanted a leaf blower!” Until this year, none of us have taken it upon ourselves to buy superbly odd presents in order to stump him. Until this year.

This year he actually wrote off on us surprising him the least bit. He went through the Lands’ End catalogue and circled everything he wanted…and sorted it by how much he thought each of us could afford. He’s been boasting to customers in the gallery about his gift of guess – apparently he believes he can simply hold a gift and guess what it contains. He claims it’s due to his years and years of retail experience. This year…may be a bit different.

Sitting in its lovely little wrapping paper outfit, nestled in the stocking over the chimney with care…is one of our attempts to turn the tables on dear old dad. I some how doubt he’ll guess his stocking stuffer is a reindeer that poops jelly beans. My sister has bought him his favorite DVD and duct taped it to the bottom of a Lands’ End box and folded a blanket in the box over it to add weight. Neener.

neener neener.