Some of you might know about my current job situation, some of you may not. I’m currently working at least 3 jobs…possibly 4…we’ll see. My biggest job at the moment is a full time fill in until the end of January for one of the attendance secretaries at my former highschool. This is downright wierd. I didn’t particularly care for highschool when I was there as a student but sitting on the other side of the authority desk is something I’m learning to appreciate. I work with two other secretaries, who are wonderful, and a variety of office aides (including Kiki) who are more than entertaining. In paying homage to the “Tard blog” I’m going to try and post a series of…posts…letting you know some of the humorous things highschoolers do. Particularly highschoolers I deal with. Everyone can use a little laugh now and then…For starters:A sophomore girl came into the office on Monday asking to see the nurse. (The school nurse’s office is adjacent to our desk.) She claimed her contacts were bothering her and wanted to know if our nurse had any saline solution. As we worked on entering excuse notes and delivering passes, we could hear some unintelligible but very animated words coming from behind the nurse’s closed door. Half an hour later, the student’s father came and took her home. Upon their exit, our nurse – Nurse B- came out with tears in her eyes from laughing so hard. She informed us this student had a case of pinkeye, and wanted to know if she could call her pregnant friend out of class to help her. Apparently “Pinkeye’s” mom told her if you sprayed fresh breastmilk into your eye, it would instantaneously cure pinkeye. Nurse B had politely told her they could not interrupt another class in this situation and recommended Pinkeye call her parents to come pick her up.