Who wrote this book and when?
Eoin Colfer published the third book in the Artemis Fowl series in 2003.

Has there been a film version?
Negative, rogue leader.

Who are the important characters?
Artemis Fowl – the prepubescent criminal mastermind, who now has to contend with his moral father and mother along with everything else, he’s constructed a new computer which is a hybrid of fairy and human technology known as the “C-Cube.”
Butler – Artemis’ bodyguard and only human friend
Captain Holly Short – a fairy part of the LEPrecon squad and field expert on Artemis Fowl
Juliet Butler – Butler’s younger sister, a bodyguard in training
Mulch Diggums – a rogue dwarf and thief
Jon Spiro – the owner of the massive computer technology company “Fission Chips” and also a criminal mastermind
Arno Blunt – Spiro’s hired hand bodyguard

What’s it about?
Using technology pirated from fairy inventions which he’s stolen, Artemis has managed to create the “C-Cube” – a highly advanced computer cube which will outstrip anything humanity now has. He determines to make some money off of it by showing it to Jon Spiro, infamous Mafia member and CEO of the leading computer company, and offering to keep it off the market for two years in exchange for an unheard of sum of money. Unfortunately, Spiro double crosses him and steals the cube, killing Butler in the process. Artemis is now in the uncomfortable position of needing to ask the fairies for help – not just to save Butler, but to save the entire fairy world which he himself has put into danger.

Why is this book a classic/bestseller?
It’s part of a bestselling series.

Do you recommend I read this book?

Why did this book make your list?
This book is part of a great young adult fantasy/sci fi series. And I loved the first two books, so naturally I moved onto the third.

Has it won any awards?

Favorite Quotes:
“Goblins. Evolution’s little joke. Pick the dumbest creatures on the planet and give them the ability to conjure fire.” – p 28

“The musclemen were uncertain how to react to actual abuse. There were only two people alive who insulted them regularly, Arno Blunt and Jon Spiro. But that was part of the job; you just ignored that by turning up the music in your head.” -p 191

Anything Else?

Personal thoughts:
Book three in the Artemis Fowl series delivers just as much action and witticism as its two predecessors. While it seems slightly lacking in fairy involvement, (the only ones here are the now very familiar Foaly, Holly, and Mulch) it makes up for in the further development of Juliet as a character. And it ends on a very appealing ominous note from Artemis which just sets your blood a ragin for the next installment in this series.
My only complaint about this book in the series is that I don’t have a very good grasp on the bad guy. Jon Spiro is evil, I know, but Colfer doesn’t really expound on that fact other than characters saying, “You know he’s evil, right?” Or something to that effect. As evil as Jon Spiro is supposed to come across, I only see him as a paranoid young man. Which doesn’t make sense because he’s not young. The only truly disconcerting villain in this book is Arno Blunt – and even he is outstripped by Artemis at some points. Artemis is a real, core villain, which makes putting him up agains other villains. . .somewhat unfair.