Parents are the bane of my attendance office existence. For some reason, half the parents we deal with think we’re out to torture their children. The other half seem to consider us the type to sit around and get paid to play solitaire.

“Sam’s” mother called to ask us why she’d received a phone call about her daughter missing school last Friday. I rechecked Sam’s attendance record and informed her mother Sam had been marked absent in her fourth period class and then it had been changed to tardy – after the automated caller began calling. I apologized and told her it was completely our fault. She then proceeded to “inform” me her daughter was a model student and had never missed class unnecessarily. She requested we send her daughter a written apology from myself, the other secretaries, and the administration. As I scanned the multiple truancy counts which had been discussed with her father, I asked Sam’s mother if she checked the parent portal (a way for parents to check attendance, grades and contact teachers). Sam’s mother – “what’s the parent portal?” …yeah, we sent out the letters months ago…plus a follow up letter…
Apparently Sam had intercepted the letter so her mother had no clue.Hi Sam’s mom. Let me introduce you to your daughter.

On a humorous note, one of our office aides had me stamp his forehead this afternoon with the date stamp so he wouldn’t forget what day it was. I don’t get it either.