Not that teachers aren’t cool, it’s just that every once in a while a teacher will do something so singular in coolness it warrants turning into legend on the internet. Enter Mr. S – algebra teacher.

Annie* is a kid with anger management. She comes from an abusive home and has problems with drugs, so one can understand why she misses many classes and doesn’t see the need to attend school and do homework. Unfortunately, since Annie doesn’t really have any positive adult role models in her life, she transfers this mindset that authority is not something to respected into the school setting. Mr. S is her algebra teacher. Annie has missed more school days than she’s attended and hasn’t ever turned in make up work – hence her grade of “zero” in algebra. When Mr. S hands out an update on grades on a day when Annie is attendance, Annie protests. She claims it is Mr. S’s responsibility to see she receives every assignment for the days she has missed so she has the opportunity to make them up and pass the class.

Annie thought this tactic would get her out of doing the work.

Annie was wrong.

Mr. S is the type of teacher who has been teaching many years and has met students such as Annie before on his road of educational experience. Since he’s an algebra teacher the curriculum doesn’t change much from year to year and Mr. S is prepared with an inch high stack of every assignment Annie has missed. He promptly fetches this stack and plops it on Annie’s desk, informing her she has until the end of the semester to make it up. Annie is not happy. She tries another tactic.

Annie tells Mr. S he can’t expect her to make up all this work because she wasn’t there for the lessons. She claims the book isn’t thorough enough to teach her these concepts and therefore, it is Mr. S’s responsibility to work with her until she understand. Mr. S says he is more than willing to do this, but tells Annie it is not his fault she has a zero. He tells Annie it is her fault. Annie is mad now.

Annie begins to yell at Mr. S, claiming he has violated her confidentiality by letting the entire class know her grade. Apparently, she believes that teachers don’t have the right to tell other students what your grade is. Which isn’t true, it’s just widely thought in parental communities who assume teachers would use that information to harm the self-esteem of their students. Mr. S calmly tells Annie everyone already knows she is the one with a zilch grade. She is the one who fails to attend class and therefore – is failing the class. Annie tries one last time.

She stands up and screams at Mr. S – “I’m telling my dad and he’s going to come down here and kick your ass!”Mr. S stands up and looks at Annie. Without batting an eye, he says “Well, Annie, if that will help you pass I’ll gladly take one for the team.”

When Mr. S talks to Annie’s father on the phone about the incident, Annie’s father laughs and says he isn’t surprised at Annie’s reaction. And he says he’ll pass on beating up Annie’s algebra teacher.