I’m so at war with myself. I’m 22, am I supposed to make responsible decisions yet? Like…I *might* have a full time job, but then I might not so who knows what my financial situation is. Do I plan to go to school or do I not? And do I listen to my responsible side (which imho has had more than its fair share of dominance in my life) and save all my money or do I just indulge and buy myself a lovely spectacular iPod shuffle? Do I buy coffee on the way to work tomorrow? (it’s double punch day!) Do I change my blog template even though this one is just super cool? Or do I save myself from the frustration?

how about renting video games? how about going to YL training or not cuz I’m too lazy or too tired depending on how i look at it? or plucking my eyebrows? or re-arranging my room for the third time this month cuz i’m change crazy? which bank account do i use for savings and which for checking???


life is too confusing.

i want a cookie.