Who wrote this book and when?
Eoin Colfer published this in 2005.

Has there been a film version?
No, but Miramax owns the rights.

Who are the main characters?
Artemis Fowl – a criminal mastermind whose mind has recently been wiped by the fairies so he no longer remembers them; unfortunately, this has made him go back to his old life of crime
Captain Holly Short – a decorated member of the LEPrecon squad, expert pilot and many times a rulebreaker
Opal Koboi – a psychotic pixie who was thought to be in a coma for the last year, but has actually been in a self-induced deep sleep plotting revenge
Butler – Artemis’ mountain of a bodyguard, also has been mind-wiped
Mulch Diggums – the infamous thief dwarf who has a penchant for shiny things and flatulence that could kill a troll
Foaly – a genius centaur who is responsible for most of the fairy realm’s technology
Commander Julius Root – Leader of the LEPrecon squad

What’s it about?
Haven is in deep trouble – and they don’t even know it. Instead of being in a coma like she’s supposed to be, the evil Opal Koboi has replaced herself with a clone and is now starting to exact revenge on everyone who pissed her off in “The Arctic Incident.” Now, Holly has been framed for murder and is doing her best to save Artemis, Butler, and Haven without any help from the fairy world. All she has to assist her is her skills, a brain wiped Artemis and Butler who can’t remember anything about fairies, and Mulch Diggums – a renegade dwarf.

Why is this book a classic/bestseller?
Because Colfer is such a brilliant writer.

Do you recommend I read this book?
Yes. Very yes.

How did this book make your list?
I love Colfer’s works, and I especially enjoy the Artemis Fowl series.

Has it won any awards?

Favorite quotes:
“Holly walked rapidly into the cockpit and strapped herself into the pilot’s chair. ‘Seven and a half hours to save the world. Isn’t there some law that says we get at least twenty-four?'” –
p 261

Anything else?
This book, by far, has the best ending of any Artemis Fowl book I’ve read.

Personal thoughts:
This may be my favorite of the AF books. It introduces a villain we’ve already had, true, but she comes back more evil than ever. This pixie is pure megalomaniac. And it is the first book where Colfer begins to take risks, killing characters off, threatening Haven, and exploring the changes that are taking place in Artemis’ moral fibers. Opal knows exactly how to get at everyone best – their weaknesses, and their strengths. Which makes this book extremely hard to read at the beginning because of the cringe worthy dread, but thoroughly satisfying throughout the middle and end. Especially the end.