The only time I was ever offered pot by a peer was during highschool. During drama class, I was dating a boy named after a major European city (that being the only draw to him), and this kid was running with a questionable group. We eventually broke up because he was caught with drugs under his bed and sent to live with another relative. It was one of his friends, Chris, who was a major supplier at my highschool and introduced Rogue to marijuana.

No, just for all you staunchlings gasping in horror, I didn’t inhale. Mostly because I refused.

We were in drama class sitting on a spare couch watching yet another rehearsal of the latest drama dept endeavor. I had won the lead role, but turned it down when cast as the lead in my church play. Man, was I a goody two shoes back then. *ahem* Back to story.

Chris offered, I said no. He shrugged and went upstairs to finish off whatever he’d brought with him to class. The spare prop room was upstairs and perfect for a hotbox setting.

Yes, it’s a boring story. But, it could have been so much more exciting had I known this exciting tidbit about myself.

I am allergic to pot.

Not just sniffly eyes water allergic. Seriously allergic.

Three girls came in late yesterday. One of them was celebrating her birthday and apparently they’d celebrated in an illegal manner. The school security guard was called, parents were called, cops were called. A not so good time was had by all. Two minutes after they walked in, my nose started itching. Then my eyes watered, then I sneezed a lot. In less than 10 minutes, my throat was closing up, my tongue was swollen, and I’d broken out in hives. God sure has a wierd sense of humor.

Needless to say, I took some allergy medicine, washed my hands and took a walk outside for a few minutes while my symptoms cleared up. I guess it was just the smell of it, or the leftover fumes…I was fine in about 1/2 an hour…just finished up the work day amidst our office aides laughing hysterically at the fact that Ms. Rogue is allergic to illicit narcotics.

I think it’s kind of funny too, now that I can breathe.