I’m not apologizing for not posting lately. So just suck it up and get over it and all the other cliches associated with fuhgetting about it.

I don’t really have the energy to post anything substantial tonight. I’ve been laid up with that age-old excuse of heart troubles. Not the emotional kind. So needless to say, all I want to do is lie in my bed and read and mope about the unsatisfactory season finale to one of my favorite shows. But I’ll leave you with some “Blogettes” (copyright pending for Neens)…

“In mankind’s darkest hour, one man is called upon to be a hero. This guy will have to do.” – ad for a new cheesy scifi movieA woman called the school for help deciphering her student’s grades online. She wanted to know what the “M T W H F” stood for under the date headings. Barely made it off the phone before busting into loud obnoxious laughter.

Received first serenade from a highschool student. Just pulled up his chair in front of our desks and played his axe and sang a song he made up. On the other hand, also was called an ugly B**** for the first time. Or was it a dirty B****? Can’t remember.

Felt a nauseoguilt for snickering when students who “died” for Every 15 Minutes walked into office and asked “I just died. Where do I go?” Luckily, managed to keep self from responding to students who are a) Mormon, or b) consistently piss me off.

Planning on being only Christian on face of planet to not attend Easter services at local congregation. Have deemed sleeping in for the first time in a week more important than listening to choir sing 90’s syntho songs and drama avoiding topic of resurrection.

Am watching impending lay off draw nearer with very little apprehension. Still debating whether this is due to exhaustion, faith, denial, or joy. Am still also debating what to be when finally grown up.Wish it would rain. And wish it would rain on the parades of those planning weddings this summer. And thunder on those who plan on me being involved.

Ambles off.