A few weeks ago I was stupid enough to absentmindedly complain that I “never got sick.” One of my sisters was sick enough to miss school…and the only thing I could remember about being sick was getting to watch movies and sleep in. Then God did one of those slap Rogue where it counts actions and here I am laid out with the killer cold/flu of the century. Ughhhhh.

It’s not just the cold. I can handle a runny nose I suppose, and a cough, and the occasional headache. But this thing includes everything from the equilibrium problems from sinus congestion to the body aches so bad you can’t drag yourself out of bed.

On the plus side, this gave my boyfriend a wonderful opportunity to pamper me this weekend. Hooray! I felt pretty spoiled. Plus, he rented me some video games. Yay for Paper Mario! I think I’ve spent about 50% of my time the past few days playing that game and the other half sleeping. With maybe a .5% for eating, showering and the like. Oh yes, and apartment shopping.

Tis true. That one guy will be moving over here on Friday (in theory) into his very own apartment for his very own grown up job on my very own side of the state. It’s going to be odd being able to see each other on a more than once a month basis and not putting up with the horrible reception our cell phones have. (poo on cingular!) It will also be an adjustment not to have my very own cable hooked up TV in my room, my gamecube or dvd player/ps2. I’m just spoiled I suppose.

Anyway, I’m off to my current best friend – my bed. The nyquil has started to kick in. Mmmmm….Nyquil….friend….happy….