I was talking with That One Guy on the phone last night about one of my high school buds. This is not one of the individuals referred to in my last post, just so you know. This kid is someone I wouldn’t mind seeing again. In fact, I’d downright love it. We were talking about his wacky attitude towards life and how I was pretty sure he just up and got married and didn’t tell anyone. He’s like that.

And then, I got off the phone and went out to our pathetic excuse for a computer and hopped online and lo and behold – there he was. Speak of the devil. And he’s online right now. How awkward. I feel self-conscious writing about him.

So he’s not married. He’s still with his woman, who has the same name is me but is much much cooler. And he’s still in school about two and a half hours from where I live. So it’s not impossible for us to get together and hang out.

The coolest part about this kid is our friendship. (Okay, so that sounded extremely arrogant…) It’s one of those rare friendships that you can just pick up and put down and pick up again right where you left off with no luggage or hurt feelings. And it isn’t one of the “oh yeah lets get together but not plan it right now so we can just say we want to see each other but secretly are dreading it” things. I like the guy. I don’t have very many friendships that are like this. Even some of my college friendships have turned into that awkward-silence-when-meeting relationships. I’m such a sensitive little punk that usually by this time, I’ve gotten bitter about not being friends and generally dislike the person. But not this kid.

Our biggest connection is how much we just rag on each other. He calls me fat – which doesn’t really bother me. The first few times we hung out, he flicked boogers on me. We both play the piano – although he is a genius and I just piddle around on the keys. (did i just say “piddle”?) He’s dramatic and logical at the same time. In highschool, one of my girlfriends and I tricked him into believing I was pregnant and he was ready to take me to Planned Parenthood, set me up with a prospective family for adoption, and beat the snot out of my current boyfriend. Not necessarily in that order. He’s just someone who can completely pull off being both romantic and logical, funny and realistic. Without all that messy potential of amorous feelings. I’d never go for a snot nosed abercrombie wearing midget like him, anyway.

*tips glass to schilling*