It’s true. If my life is going to consist of just working (or looking for work and then working until I get bored again), and sleeping, and thinking about what to cook for dinner/lunch/breakfast…then being an adult is about the stupidest thing I’ve come across as of yet.

Everyone has things they envision being an integral part of their grown up years. At least, I assume everyone does. Maybe that just makes me an ass. I envisioned my grown up life being not boring. I always hoped my excitement level wouldn’t revolve around new movies, new tv shows, and new books. I always wanted to travel and learn about things first hand. Unfortunately, in the adult rulebook, it says those sorts of things cost money. Well, either money or a very very cool job that pays for you to travel and learn new things firsthand. *sigh*Maybe all this is just a “quarter-life” crisis. Or maybe one day I’ll suck it up and take that 8-5 tightass secretarial job my mother keeps convincing me is the solution to my problems. Or maybe I’ll just cease to spend money, save up for my passport and plane ticket, and fly somewhere without looking back. Or not.

Anyone else notice there’s a new Dropkick Murphy cd out?*hangs head*