Yes yes I know, fair children. It hath been many a day since my utterances graced the blog scene. And sometime, I shall post a live kicking and screaming so real if it was any real-er it’d poop on you post. Possibly about family. Or possibly about something else. But for now, the general mayhem update:

1) Am one of only three people available to work at la galleria this week. Clarification: only person available to work all night and weekend shifts. Clarification: tired of la galleria.

b) Currently tiptoeing around sister as her best friend was murdered the first of this month. Prayers appreciated. Funeral type function tomorrow (sat the 13th) *pats kiki comfortingly*

Yellow) One of the colors sick of knitting with. have nearly completed one harry potter scarf in gryffindor colors. beginning knitting process on second scarf, of slytherin heritage. second scarf of six scheduled scarf excursions.

IV) Have completed first draft of hugemongous project for perfectionistic grandma. typing up poetry of aunt’s composition and searching for fitting Bible verses and through hopeless tomes of microsoft clip art for relevant images. i hereby wish i had the power to condemn clip art to clip art hell.

*insert section header*) have official news of most exciting wedding sort yet. friend and former woman-hater from cannon beach taking the plunge in ecola state park in september. will officially be dancing the dance of joy around jeffy the coach house token male and comrade.