So it is officially…38 days and counting until the super cool fabuloso “Harry Potter and the Biggest Party of the Year” comes out in full swing. Needless to say, I’m excited. Despite the overwhelming amounts of unknitted yarn in my yarn basket waiting to be Transfigured into scarves. Dang, wish I had a workin’ wand.
Maybe if I ignore them, they’ll go away.*ahem* But however, I am still excited. I started work on the invitations last night – which is quite an in-depth process for me. I’m a detail freak. But you can count on the fact that at least part of them will be hand…er…quill written by me employing an ink bottle and a pen. I’ve discovered a new fascination for half-sauced calligraphy. And cheap supplies. So as soon as I get off work at la galleria (1.5 hours!!!) I will be heading back to my house to begin real work on them. At this point in time, there are over 10 of these babies to write, which doesn’t sound like a lot unless you’re me and impatient. I also need to get some envelopes to fit these things…hrmmm…*adds to “need to do” list*

I also am excited to start trying out recipes. In particular, I’m ready to try my hand at making butterbeer – virgin and the hard stuff. I’m also brainstorming ideas about how to make a variety of Honeydukes treats and needless to say, I’ve just about surfed out the Internet when it comes to recipes. And decorations.

The only downer to all of this is our lack of location. Evil cat lady underneath the apartment and the growing numbers of those interested in attending have made it darn-near impossible to hold it there. And the parental units gave a quizzical/apprehensive/annoyed look at the suggestion of holding it at Rancho Rogue. Which would be entirely feasible, considering the fact Kiki’s room will be empty after this week. Okay, maybe not completely empty, but that could be solved easily. And considering her bedroom is the largest child’s bedroom in the house, the tv/surroundsound/various pillows and chairs/food/people could fit very nicely inside. *harrumph* Maybe if we rent it from said parental units.

At this point I’m more excited about the Harry Potter party than I am about my wedding. Is that bad?